Commercial Refrigeration Repair Orlando

Commercial Refrigeration RepairOur company’s long standing relationship with many manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment, assures that your appliances are repaired to factory specifications using Original Equipment Manufacturers’ parts, with customer service always coming first. Our contracted customers rely on us to perform 24 hour 7 days a week emergency repairs whenever signs of commercial fridge failure occur.

At ServCo, we understand that commercial refrigeration is one of the most important parts of any restaurant, commercial kitchen, medical facility, school or store providing refrigerated goods. We are here to provide any service, parts or equipment to keep you up and running, we specialize in walk in commercial freezer repair, and we aim to provide a quality service that aims at saving you money.

Commercial Refrigeration Sales, Installation, Repairs and Service

• Convenience Stores
• Grocery Stores
• Restaurants
• Commissaries

Restaurant Refrigeration Sales, Installation, Repairs and Service

• Walk-In Coolers
• Walk-In Freezers
• Reach-Ins
• Chef Units
• Prep Units

Whether you run a hospital, restaurant, school, or other building that requires a commercial refrigerator in Orlando, you know how important it is for your fridge to be working in tip-top condition. If it is not, you run the risk of spoilage which can be dangerous if undetected and also cost hundreds in wasted food.

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Whenever your commercial refrigerator is not working properly, you need to call for professional assistance immediately. The experts at ServCo Appliance know commercial refrigeration inside and out, and we can help you with any and all repairs you may need. Give us a call if your commercial refrigerator is doing any of the following:
• Leaking
• Not running or constantly running
• Not cooling
• Building up frost
• Making unusual noises

Contact us by phone at (407) 855-6370 to schedule an appointment.

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Commercial AC Repair

It is important to contact professionals for all of your commercial AC repair and appliance repair needs. ServCo is the best company to call when you want the job done right. Your customers and staff members will all appreciate being in a cool environment when the weather heats up outside, so be sure to keep your system in good working order.


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