Commercial Ice Machine Rental

We have a large fleet of ice makers on our rental program, offering only the most reliable brands with parts readily available. If required, we can get our rental equipment repaired and making ice for our clients in a very timely manner if they fail. Our rentals include full service, parts and labor, cleaning and sanitizing on a routine basis to assure the units are making “safe ice” for our customers.

  • Convenience – Have ice when you need it and where you want it.
  • Cost Savings – Grocery store ice is an average of $2.00 each, plus gas! Make your own ice for $.25 at your own office or shop.
  • Time Savings – No more trips to buy ice or waiting for the delivery service.
  • Full Service Included – We provide complete maintenance and repair needs.
  • From 30lbs to 2,000lbs of daily ice production.
  • Units from 15″ to 48″ wide.
  • Lower power and water consumption.
  • Newer design results in quieter operation.
  • Factory trained technicians result in less down time.
  • Produce ice from $.25 per 10lbs!
  • Options starting at $109.00 a month.

Model: UD0140A
Production: Up to 150lbs per day
Storage: Up to 90lbs built-in storage capacity
Dimensions: 26″ W x  28″ D x 38.5″ H


Model: KM-151BAH
Production: Up to 150lbs of ice per day
Storage: Up to 78lbs built-in storage capacity
Dimensions: 23.75″ W x  28″ D x 39″ H