Improving The Life Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Investing in a commercial refrigerator is by no means a small feat. Therefore, due care should be taken in ensuring that it has a long lifespan. Maintaining commercial refrigerators guarantees a return on an investment made and that is why we are here to help you. Here at ServCo Appliance, we deal with maintenance and repair of commercial refrigerators as well as appliances. A commercial refrigerator is designed to withstand its daily use and last a long period of time. However, there are a few simple things when done correctly and routinely, will make it last even longer. These are a few simple steps to perform that will improve a commercial refrigerators’ life as well as its efficiency.
Commercial refrigerators are indispensable tools and machinery for food, health, and other industries. This is because of their ability to maintain the content fresh as long as possible. A single commercial refrigerator breakdown can lead to huge losses in terms of sales, operations, and profitability. At ServCo, we work to ensure our client’s commercial refrigerator appliances are in their best condition to avoid such loses.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance

As a company, we make proper maintenance plans to reduce chances of occurrence of breakdowns. Reducing unforeseen sudden breakdowns is helpful in enhancing a commercial refrigerator’s proficiency because it keeps it in its optimum operating condition. Extending your commercial refrigerators’ lifespan has a lot to do with performing regular maintenance check-ups. As a company, we routinely provide:

• Compressor performance audits

• Lubrication to refrigerator motor and bearings

• Temperature and pressure controls audits

• Grease removal from condenser coils

• Recalibration for defrost controls

• Door and hinge examinations

• Coolant additions in case of low levels

• Electrical wiring checks

• Examinations of the refrigerator appliance timers

After a complete audition process has been conducted, we will issue a report detailing recommendations. We will also issue the working condition of every component of your commercial refrigerator. We have a dedicated team and staff comprising of technical engineers on standby to deal with any emergency. Doing check-ups regularly is the only way to guarantee your commercial refrigerators’ life cycle is long. It also reduces unforeseen glitches occurrences.

Taking care of the condenser coil

All refrigerators operate by one principle- expelling heat and warmth. Most refrigerators accomplish the feat of dispelling heat by use of a condenser coil. This tool works by drawing surrounding air and absorbing it. Because it has absorption properties, dust and particles may form on it. These particles and dust if not cleaned can lead to increased power consumption and system failures. A condenser coil needs a thorough regular cleaning.

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Keeping doors closed

A commercial refrigerator needs to be closed to preserve the condensed air inside. As much as possible try to minimize the amount of time the refrigerator’s doors are open. This is because by opening the door, the commercial refrigerator condensed icy air dissipates causing defrosting to take place. Open doors also cause the water to leak. We help check the drainage hose as well to reduce the chances of it causing electrical malfunction due to clogging.

Replacing the door gaskets

Gaskets are the rubber seals that surround the refrigerator’s door. They are important in keeping the refrigeration compartment airtight and cool. We inspect all the sides of the door making sure the gasket is in good condition with no splits or tears. We can do a replacement on gaskets in poor condition. A regular replacement of worn out gaskets is key to making your refrigerator last longer.

If you’re looking for commercial refrigerators and components maintenance, look no further as we are the answer to all your needs. Being located in Orlando, we are able to provide quick solutions to all your refrigeration needs. What makes us unique is our team of highly trained and dedicated staff, technicians and managers ready to serve you at any time of the day. Our services include 24/7 emergency calls, maintenance of refrigerator components, and ensuring your appliances are in their best working condition. Call ServCo any time at (407) 855-6370 for assistance.

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How do you know if your commercial fridge needs to be repaired?

One tell-tale sign is you begin to notice food spoiling sooner than it ordinarily would. You may hear strange noises coming from the unit. You may even see leakage as pools of water collect around the base of the fridge. Since your business can’t afford to be temporarily out of business, you owe it to yourself to get the fridge checked out.

Improving The Life Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Call ServCo any time at (407) 855-6370 for assistance.