Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs Repair

How do you know if your commercial fridge needs to be repaired? One tell-tale sign is you begin to notice food spoiling sooner than it ordinarily would. You will discover that your food appears warm when it is removed from the refrigerator for some odd reason. You may hear strange noises coming from the unit. You may even see leakage as pools of water collect around the base of the fridge. Since your business can’t afford to be temporarily out of business, you owe it to yourself to get the fridge checked out.

Common Problems

Commercial Refrigerator Needs RepairTechnicians are rarely called when the fridge starts sweating. First, check the energy saver setting. The setting could be causing the problem. By turning it off, you may be able to resolve the condensation problem. A sweating fridge is usually an indication that there are some loose gaskets or door seals permitting the water to escape. The cool air trapped in the fridge draws moisture to the surface, causing the water to accumulate. A damaged seal can be the culprit for this issue. If the temperature’s freezing setting is too high, the condensation problem could also happen.

Frozen coils are not normal. When this type of problem happens, the refrigerant levels may be low or depleted. The icy coils are a good sign that a technician should be called to replenish refrigerant levels. The condenser may be emitting heat. This could also be an indication of low freon levels. If you notice that the commercial refrigerator has been running with a cold condenser for several minutes, then you may need to replenish the freon levels. The condenser running cold may also be a sign that the compressor is starting to go bad. You may even have a clog in the system that needs to be addressed soon. A ServCo technician would perform a diagnostic and determine the reason for the problem.

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Major leaks warrant a call to a technician. A commercial refrigerator with major leaking problems could mean that the drain should be emptied. The defrost drain could be clogged due to debris that may have been lodged in the hose. When the drain hose is lodged, the ice levels become too high. When the ice levels build up, the water begins to leak from the fridge. Clogs can be tricky to remove, so a professional technician should be contacted to address the problem. ServCo technicians are especially trained and properly equipped to handle a range of leakage problems like these.

A commercial refrigerator that doesn’t cool isn’t very useful. If your refrigerator isn’t cooling the way it should, you may have poor air circulation. Poor air circulation makes it difficult for the refrigerator to do its job. Clogged condenser coils are usually the reason for poor circulation of air.

A very noisy fridge is a sure sign that the unit is cycling frequently. The fridge may produce constant noise. When the debris builds up in the unit, you may begin to hear abnormal noises. The noise problem also happens if there is too much dust concentrated around the condenser coils. Not getting this resolved could increase your overhead costs for your business as this problem runs up your utility bills. Technicians can resolve the problem by removing the dust from coils and checking the fridge components to make sure none of them are failing. If a ServCo technician replaces the component, he or she will only use certified OEM replacement components to fix the problem.

You may discover that there appears to be no cool air circulating about the unit. The evaporator fan pushes the air throughout the unit, which leads to a rush of air whenever you open the fridge. You will notice that the air circulated throughout the unit lessens as the fan starts to fail. The fan and the compressor are designed to work together, so if the evaporator fan stops working, you need to have it replaced.

Any time leaking, sweating, excessive noise, or frozen coils are detected, it’s best to contact a commercial repair technician. ServCo has a team of factory-trained technicians that can address all commercial refrigeration concerns. They service major brands like Traulsen, Kolpak, and Continental. You can’t run the risk of being with a commercial refrigerator for your business. You should also consider implementing a maintenance plan to protect your refrigerator.

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