What To Do When Your Commercial Fridge Stops Working

We understand how much time it takes to run a business. When a commercial refrigerator is part of your Orlando, Florida operation, it is important to know who to call for fast, efficient service if the commercial refrigerator is not operating properly. Check for simple solutions like flipping a tripped circuit breaker. The trouble might even be due to the cleaning staff unplugging the unit before mopping and forgetting to plug the cord back in. Other possible causes that can interfere with proper refrigeration include:

• The back of the unit is too close to the wall. Move it out so air circulates properly.

• The unit’s temperature control gauge may be broken. Check the reading by hanging another thermometer in the unit and comparing the results.

If it isn’t an easy fix, call ServCo Appliance Sales & Service, Inc. at 407-855-6370 to describe the problem and get professional help fast.

Check the Temperature

We recommend hanging an easy-to-read stainless steel commercial refrigerator/freezer thermometer in your unit. Select a unit that can be hung from a rack or stood on the shelf. Place it in plain sight and advise employees to read the temperature whenever the door is opened. This inexpensive feature will help estimate when the unit developed a problem. If it was working an hour ago, but isn’t now, you have approximately three hours to find a place to store the food. Keep the door closed to keep warm air from moving in to the unit.

Emergency Refrigeration Options Regarding Perishable Foods

A reading at or under 40 degrees F typically indicates the food should be safe to use and can be moved to another refrigerator.

1. Coolers with ice are another way to keep the food from spoiling for a short time.

2. If the unit’s interior temperature is slightly higher, test the temperature for each perishable item of food.

3. You’ll probably want to discard anything that exceeds 40 degrees F, particularly poultry and dairy products.

Freezers hold the temperature up to two days, giving you time to take care of the fridge items. Our expert Orlando technicians are ready to respond to your request for guidance and recommendations, up to and including repair or replacement of your current unit. ServCo is certified to provide warranty service for nearly every major refrigeration manufacturer. We are dealers for respected brands such as Randell refrigeration units and Kolpak walk-in coolers and freezers. In the event your equipment is beyond repair or in need of an upgrade.

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Immediate Action is Crucial

Our company has been serving the Orlando area since 1963. During this time, we’ve handled commercial refrigeration problems of every sort. Our best goal is restoring the unit, although it is not always possible. That is why routine checkups and maintenance are recommended. Not only does it help eliminate unpleasant events like down equipment, it provides your business with a contact who is familiar with your refrigeration units and business. Picking up the phone and calling ServCo at 407-855-6370 as soon as you notice a problem helps us schedule an appointment for your shop as soon as possible. Our company goal is to deliver quality service from factory-trained technicians while reducing your overall costs and losses.

24-Hour Emergency Service

If your company contracts for our routine maintenance service, our technicians will provide a checklist that notes any potential problems based on the latest inspection. We offer 24-hour emergency service to our contracted customers. Every minute counts when dealing with perishable products. A commercial fridge can stop working at any time. Reduce the stress caused by a refrigeration failure by assuring the benefit of around-the-clock response.

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Improving The Life Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Investing in a commercial refrigerator is by no means a small feat. Therefore, due care should be taken in ensuring that it has a long lifespan. Maintaining commercial refrigerators guarantees a return on an investment made and that is why we are here to help you. Here at ServCo Appliance, we deal with maintenance and repair of commercial refrigerators as well as appliances.

Improving The Life Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

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