Ice Machine Service And Repair

Operating ApplianceTrained & Authorized Technicians

Our service technicians are factory trained and factory authorized to perform warranty and non-warranty repairs on appliances and on most major commercial ice makers. They arrive at your site with a fully stocked truck, ready to complete the repair on the first visit. Our owner, a former technical adviser to a major ice machine manufacturer, is always just a phone call away to assist our technicians seeking any support they may require.

Whether you are renting or own your ice machine, we can handle your repair. Don’t forget, if you have chosen to rent a machine from us, your repairs are included in the rental cost. Any other repair is quoted upon scheduling an appointment for a service call.

We are the go-to company for repairs when you call any of the major manufacturers. They refer their work out to us so you can be sure we are a trusted source. Please see our manufacturer’s page to see the brands we support.

Tips & Tricks to Keep You Problem Free

There are common problems that can sometimes be fixed without the help of a technician or even completely prevented. A few that we see are:

•Room temperature is too high – If your ice machine is in a room that is constantly above a comfortable temperate, you may want to consider moving the machine. The warmer the room, the slower the machine will be to produce ice. If your machine is take longer than usual to produce, check the temperate in the room. Some ice machines will stop working if the surrounding temperature goes above 100 degrees.

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• Water temperature is too high – There is a freeze cycle timer in most ice machines that will protect itself from water that is too hot. If the water temperature is over 90 degrees, it could take longer to freeze and the time could shut down the machine.

• Water leaking inside the machine – If the valve that lets the water into the machine to create ice is leaking, your ice will be too large. If your ice becomes too big, it can get stuck and cause the machine to freeze up. We suggest checking the valve periodically and if you have a reoccurring issue with this, give us a call.

• Not enough water flow to the ice machine – “If you start to see ice cubes that are smaller than usual, white ice or malformed ice, you may not be getting enough water flowing through the machine which could significantly reduce your ice machines production. This could be because of your water source or you may have a clogged water filter. This problem can also cause the evaporator to freeze over, which will shut down the machine.

Any type of equipment that constantly has water running through it is likely to have some problems over the life of the machine. For any ice machine complications you might have, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out to take a look at it.

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Routine Appliance Maintenance Service

Customers who agree to have ServCo perform quarterly routine maintenance on their equipment are always given priority response over non-routine maintenance customers when requesting appliance repair service on their equipment during normal business hours. Also, ServCo will respond to emergency service requests after hours, on weekends and holidays. Overtime rates will apply to any non-standard working hours.

Routine Appliance Maintenance Service

Call ServCo any time at (407) 855-6370 for assistance.