Appliance Sales & Rental Service

Rent or buy your appliances from a company you can trust. ServCo is an authorized dealer with most major appliance manufacturers and will provide you the best equipment for your needs.

Servco Appliance is your place for buying or renting appliances in Orlando, Florida. We are authorized dealers of several major appliance brands. And the equipment we provide is among the best available. When you buy or rent appliances from Servco Appliance, you’re dealing with a company you can trust.

We are trained and authorized in the following areas:

Ice Machine Rental

In need of an ice machine? We have a selection of ice machines for sale or rent. And if you need repairs, we can help you there too. Repairs are included in the rental cost when you choose to rent an ice machine from us. You’ll receive an estimate for additional repairs when you schedule a service call. Our technicians are factory authorized and trained to perform non-warranty and warranty repairs on most major ice maker brands.

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Commercial Refrigeration Sales and Installation

Look no further than Servco for refrigeration sales and installation. You’ll find what you need among our wide selection of commercial refrigeration equipment. We’ll work with you to meet your refrigeration needs and budget. Contact Servco Appliance today to replace your old refrigeration unit. Want to purchase a unit for a new or expanding business? Call us today for:

  • Display refrigerators
  • Worktop refrigerators
  • Glass door refrigerators
  • Solid door refrigerators
  • Roll-in refrigerators
  • Under-counter refrigerators

Our trained technicians are professionals who deliver and install your equipment with care. We’ve offered refrigeration services in Orlando since 1963. Our reputation as a reliable and professional company speaks for itself.

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Air Conditioning Sales and Installation

Summer in Orlando is hot and humid. Ninety degree days are common, and 80 degrees is considered a low. Temperatures like that mean you need a reliable AC to keep you cool. Servco has more than 50 years experience installing residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Our products are high-quality systems that make summer bearable.

And you don’t have to worry about an astronomical power bill. Our AC systems are rated 14 SEER efficiency up to 20 SEER efficiency. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the system. Our equipment keeps your power consumption to a minimum. And many of our systems include a lifetime limited warranty.

We can also help you determine what system is best for your business or home. That’s not always easy when you’re installing a new system. You need to consider the size of the building, the layout, your budget, and whether or not there’s already duct work installed. But we make it easy by doing the work for you.

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Commercial AC Repair

Your customers and employees deserve a comfortable environment. That’s why you should contact the professionals at Servco for your commercial AC repair needs. We’re the ones to call when you want the job done right. We know how hot Orlando can get, and we want to keep your system working like it should.

Servco has more than 50 years of experience repairing commercial AC units. We’re fast, efficient, and professional. In other words, we know our stuff. The sooner you call us the better. If your system isn’t cooling like it should, then it’s likely using extra energy in an effort to work properly. This can lead to a much higher power bill than you’re expecting. Who wants that nasty shock? We can repair small problems, big problems, and any problem that will prevent a minor issue from costing you a ton of money.

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Remember, call Servco Appliance for your appliance rental and purchasing needs.

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