Commercial Ice Machine Rental

We have a large fleet of ice makers on our rental & leasing program, offering only the most reliable brands with parts readily available. If required, we can get our rental equipment repaired and making ice for our clients in a very timely manner if they fail. Our rentals include full service, parts and labor, cleaning and sanitizing on a routine basis to assure the units are making “safe ice” for our customers.

  • Convenience – Have ice when you need it and where you want it.
  • Cost Savings – Grocery store ice is an average of $2.00 each, plus gas! Make your own ice for $.25 at your own office or shop.
  • Time Savings – No more trips to buy ice or waiting for the delivery service.
  • Full Service Included – We provide complete maintenance and repair needs.
  • From 30lbs to 2,000lbs of daily ice production.
  • Units from 15″ to 48″ wide.
  • Lower power and water consumption.
  • Newer design results in quieter operation.
  • Factory trained technicians result in less down time.
  • Produce ice from $.25 per 10lbs!
  • Options starting at $109.00 a month.

Model: UD0140A
Production: Up to 150lbs per day
Storage: Up to 90lbs built-in storage capacity
Dimensions: 26″ W x  28″ D x 38.5″ H


Model: KM-151BAH
Production: Up to 150lbs of ice per day
Storage: Up to 78lbs built-in storage capacity
Dimensions: 23.75″ W x  28″ D x 39″ H

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